About Hawks Hot Pilates


The Ultimate Hot Room Method
to Ignite Your Best You

Hot Pilates is an energetic and upbeat all-levels sculpting and technique class that is practiced in the Hot Room and will tone and strengthen your entire body as well as greatly increase your core connection, cardiovascular health, stamina, endurance, and flexibility. Through the use of low-impact/high-intensity exercises and key Pilates principles, you will sequentially and systematically work your entire body for a dynamic and satisfying conditioning + fitness class. Core integrity, proper technique, alignment, posture, stability and form will all be emphasized. The Hot Room environment allows for greater circulation to the muscles, as well promotes an invigorating detoxification- be ready to sweat!


What is it about Hot Pilates?

Hot Pilates has quickly become one of the most popular fitness classes in the United States. This All-Levels class is perfect for the Fitness Buff and the Inexperienced Beginner! Practiced in the Hot Room, this class is the perfect addition to any Hot Yoga or Fitness Studio to create variety and diversity in your offerings. This full-body conditioning class offers a challenging yet rewarding full-body workout for everyone. Low-impact makes it safe for your joints, high-intensity gets the sweat dripping - it's the perfect way to improve both strength and flexibility! Your students and studio members will be sweating, smiling, and grateful for an additional class option to help them reach their health and wellness goals.

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Why Choose The
Hawks Hot Pilates Method

Suitable for Beginners

High-Intensity, Low-Impact

Challenging, Safe, Effective

45- and 60-Minute Variations

Strength Building


Professional Trainers

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Does Hawks Hot Pilates sound like a good fit for your Studio?!