This intensive and immersive training program will prepare you to teach an engaging, safe, challenging, and educational Hot Pilates Class using the Hawks Hot Pilates Method. By the end of this training you will have all the proper tools needed to create and construct your own dynamic and motivating classes. The Level 1 training will emphasize full body conditioning through core connection and Pilates exercises.

HHP Level 1 Certification

Low-impact, high-intensity movements utilizing the full body will be covered in depth in Level 1, thus no props or hand weights will be necessary. Hawks Hot Pilates Level 2 Certification will cover the use of props and weights.

What's Included in Tuition:
  • A comprehensive HHP Manual including all core movements and Pilates exercises

  • Two (2) Hawks Hot Pilates Teacher Training tank tops

  • Six (6) LIVE Hot Pilates classes led by Loren in the Hot Room

  • Hot Pilates Teacher Training Completion Certificate

Concepts Covered:
  1. How to create and sequence an effective Hot Pilates class

    • Including, but not limited to: Effective warm-up and cool down exercises, choreography, timing, flow, and proper pacing techniques​

  2. Detailed workshop of all core movements, exercises, and HHP principles ​

  3. Proper exercise alignment, core integrity, and stability​

  4. Musicianship skills: counting, beats, rhythmic accuracy

  5. Tools to become an empowering and influential teacher

  6. Healthy vocal production and techniques for the Pilates Teacher

    • Including, but not limited to: The use of operative command to teach a powerful class

  7. ​How to use your passions and talent to launch you to and your students to new levels

  8. Ethical business practices and standards