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In this Level 2 Certification program the use of props and weights to increase the difficulty, variety, and interest in your current Hot Pilates Class will be heavily explored. This training will allow you to properly and safely incorporate Weights, Resistance Bands + Balls, Body Barres, and Blocks into any Hot Pilates Class safely and effectively.

Participants MUST have successfully completed a Level 1 Hot Pilates Certification from a credible Hot Pilates Program

HHP Level 2 Certification

Do you already have a Pilates certification and are currently teaching Hot Pilates? Awesome! Come and explore HHP Level 2 Certification and add
new tools and props to your Teaching Toolchest!


Hawks Hot Pilates Level 2 Certification is perfect for any current Hot Pilates instructor looking to refresh their current class and add fun, dynamic, safe effective weights and props to any Hot Pilates class. It's the perfect continuing education training opportunity for any current Pilates instructors.

Studio Owners! The Level 2 Training is perfect for any current studio teaching any format of Hot Pilates to refresh their course offerings and bring a different dynamic to the studio offerings.